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« LOVE, LABOR, LOST » - 2002-03


ECO/COM/SYS nr. 10

has been activated in november, 03




1. In Art-Life-Art, there is no barrier between spare time, leisure & working-time; as work means pleasure & leisure means labor.

2. As Marcuse had written, freedom is no freedom if one is free all the time; but if one labours for it & earns it; its taste is totally different – the same applies for any matter suggested here;

3 As a non-authoritative entity – we believe in the highest level of self-consciousness & its full realization on all levels of self- without interference. The only indication of our opinion matters is by the way of living (life-style) & our life is our way of thinking & the work is the MESSAGE. We don’t have representatives such as gallery ones or managers who do for us the job – our friends & guests are our messengers-managers in our name (not in theirs, however….)

3. We hadn’t delivered via market (art) our message, because it had to go through alternative channels. Throughout the Vendee years, we had produced a great bodies of works – but while, films, such a Woody Allens’ came each year out, not to mention other works of art, films; books etc., ours never came out. The equilibrium created by our work, needed as a social challenge & new tendency in art has been avoided from public eyes.

4. Many friends had come & visited our Eco House & seen our Eco Sys. They went back to the Metropolitan cities they came from, but never conveyed the message. As guests, they were participants & as such they are couriers of our message for potential remedies, social ills & change.

5. Non-authoritarianism is an elevated state of mind; Someone who does not need to be told what to do & how to function; a person with a deep comprehension of life;,Art & Life. Thus they don’t need to be indicated what to do; no one has to send them on assignments, their knowledge was not questionable!!

6. But all those sayings were hypothesis & & the facts were that the country-side is perceived by visitors from city as a holiday places; therefore they came for their leisure time; The art presented to them was part of their free-time & not their duty !! Art has only added to their leisure & pleasure – so that the message remained in the country.

LOVE- LABOR-LOST – is the message as presented in ECS; its deciphering is on a different computer program. LA COURTOISIE-SOUFISTE.


« LOVE, LABOR, LOST » - 2002-03

RESOLUTION-DATA; nr 2 (continuation)

1) Empires must live on their swords in order to keep up their territory, power & conquer new lands…Militarism was the consequence to keep up male-oriented brotherhood from which women are excluded or handled over as harlots, marketed through pornography, whose ultimate goal was women’s degradation & humiliation, that was common in ancient Rome & since then in all risen empires & patrimonies* (patria).

2) A change in such a system would require a male desertion, following the pariah women, of empiric dimension, while renouncing for super-rights.

3) While women, rehabilitating themselves in lost ancient knowledge; concerning earth, ecology, wild-life, engaging in their rescue, as well as in endangered species, or suppressed people. Men will have to go through a period of rehabilitation , while adopting the courteous manners, when approaching women; La courtoisie…

4) A New vocabulary of mutual trust has to be attained for communication among genders, in order to reach equality – after eras of control & subordination.

5) Control, that has caused a total alienation of genders (sexual one, as well…) ghettoising each one in special enclaves, while sexism on its most crude manner has become mainstream.

6) In post-empire communities, she will be no more “his wife,” nor carry his name – but following courteous manners, which he has adopted, he will follow the lost female spirit of ancient wisdom, where he will be able to cure himself & return to his own humaneness, abandoning machoism….

7) In couples, men keep on participating in the active progress of social life; being upfront, while benefiting from family life; while women when having a family life is usually alienated fro, social life & is subordinate to her husband, who is her spokesperson on all matters.

8) Pariah women outside the Patria will not be isolated from social life, as they will create its framework & represent themselves.

9) The Muse syndrom is a typical attitude of domineer & dominated, when the beauty canons are transmitted by men over to society in general & women in particular. Museum is an attribute of muse; In the new movement of “La Courtoisie,” (meaning an art one; like i.e. Cubism) appreciation, not domination will be the essence.

10) Women coming together should not organize separately from men as an end in itself* – but as a mean for social change, first of all, in order to avoid ghettoization – but as a mean for social change, first of all in order to get women out of isolation & silence & men out of their super-hero role, thus launching a new vocabulary for communication.

11) With these basics of behaviourism in mind, we will launch 2004 as the year of “Courtoisie;” the year of Liberation (D-Day is my B-Day), where all enemies will become pacific neighbours & labour together for the futures’ well-being, as m.a.

* these were the basics of women organizing in the seventies.

Thus ends 10 ECO/COM/SYS. created in 14 years for your knowledge; learning & appreciation.



2004 will be the courtoisie year - artists are invited to participate - please follow informations on site !