1963- First Art show at Peer Coffee House in Haifa.
1971 - "Atmosphere Serie" at Tare Center, Jerusalem, Ein Karem.
1974 - 1960 -1974 - Retrospective show of early paintings org. by Mrs. Loeb, Haifa.
1975 - Pulpitation Show (73 - 75), Ramat - Gan Museum (Earth Works &
             Electronic music by Michael Barolsky).
1979 - Films (experimental films of earth projects) at Haifa Cinematheque), Haifa              Museum.
1982 - The White House Film Installation - Studio 11, part 1.
            "Sailing in a sea of Violence".
1983 -Art Projects of the Seventies (400 photographs), at Tel Aviv Art Pavilion.
1984-Art Projects & "White House" - Artist House Jerusalem (in 5 halls).
1984 - Millennium, New York, - screening of the "White House" film (my alternative art             for life & society, analysing rascism, fascism, & authoritarian societies' structures             in art & life!).
1985 October - An evening at Studio 11, in memory of 3 Artists' - friends who died: Ana            Mandieta, Yona Wallach, Rachel Bas-Cohain.
1985 - November - Retrospective of old paintings "Expressionism", New Wave
           Paintings of the Sixties. 60 - 72.
1985 - December -Part 2, "Love and Terror" in early paintings by M. Sharon, at
           Studio 11.
1986 - March - At "The Twenty Century" TA Bookshop - a new book, "Selipublication"           "Local Culture 86," poetry, an essay on "Art & Life". & a new art-work "The Star           War" = death of woman/death of earth".
1986 - Dec. -    In Eilat - an environmental painting of 12 Masterpieces.           Exhibited in            the local Hospital "Yosseftal”.
1984 - A Book "Local Culture;" Together with early paintings, studio 11, T.A.
1987 - "The Boats on Kinereth," at Poriah Maternity Hospital, Tiberias.  
1987 - Photo-Video Installation, Mistresspieces Serie;"Paintings in Action,"
            Studio 11, T.A.
1987 - Multi-Installation of Documents   Project; "A Popular
            Journey to Western culture", Studio 11, Tel-Aviv.
1988 - "The White House Saga" 81 - 86 + some works from the Misrresspieces Serie,             Franklin Furnace, NYC.
1988 -The Paris Project, 1988 - Multi - Installation at Studio 11 (is cancelled as protest             against Art Estabhshment's policies towards "Art Projects").
1989- "Les Fleurs du Mal" Studio 11, Tel Aviv / Multi-Installation.
1989 - "Siege" / Studio 11, Tel Aviv / Multi-Installation.
1992  - Multi-Installation - "Trip/ Trial/ Tryptich, Hollywood = Death Valley,"
              Koln, Germany.
1993  - Multi-Installation in Koln / "Demeter-Alef-Isis/"
              Women-Rights-Watch (non-art).
1994  - Multi-Installation "Maat" - Art Law".
1994 - "Mother-Whore" Action - Cairo.
95-96 - "Culture/Agriculture", - Exile / Authority, ECO-COM-SYS. - Vendee France.
1997 - "Le Salon Des Refuses," Vendee, France. ECO/COM/SYS   Nr. 6
1998-99 - "FOOD FOR  THOUGHT"/ ECO/COM/SYS   Nr. 7
2000-2002 - Terror/Rape/Tirol;"THE PANDORA BOX"/ ECO/COM/SYS   Nr. 9

To be continued


1963 - Soldiers Paintings' Show, T.A. (First Prize).
Since 1971 - Publishing articles on art, politics & society in various magazines & papers                          in Israel.
1973 - "Erotica" - Artist House, Jerusalem.
1973 - "Three Women Artists" - Holon art center (Yonna Wallach, poet, H. Ben-Jano
             & Miriam Sharon).
1975 - "This Land" (with M. Kadishman, Abu-Rabia, Neustein & 30 more
             participants) T.A., Artist House.
1977 - Founding "Art Paper Page" - starting studio 11, Tel-Aviv.
1977 - Invitational show at AIR, Soho, New York, (with Ana Mendieta & 5 more artists).             Special mention of critics, Village Voice.
1977- INT. & Mailart, Studio 11, T.A. (Org. by M.S).
1978  - International Women Show, The White Gallery, Tel Aviv (org. by M.S.) with             Mary Beth Edelson. Carolee Schneemann, Mierele Ukeles Ladermann & others).
1978 - Le Lieux-Dit, Paris, slide presentation of Art Projects.
1978 - "WOMEN 78" 30 artists showing new tendencies in women's art,
            Tel-Aviv & Jerusalem Artist House (org. & part. M.S.).
1978 - Biennale of Young artists, Haifa Museum, (Dr. Shiff First Prize).
1979 - 5 Israeli Women Artists, AIR Gallery (organized by Rachel Bas-Cohain).
1980- "ISSUE", ICA, London (organized by Lucy R. Lippard with Jeny Holzer,
            Nil Yalter, Susan Lacy, May Stevens, Nancy Spiro.
1983 - Frauenkulturwoche in Koln, organized by Ulrike Rosenbach.
1984 - "Utopia", Bonn, Frauenmuseum.
1985-  "The Flag Show" - Anathea Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
1985 - Peace Flags beyond Nationalism & Children paintings for peace at the Halifax             conf. for Peace7.
1987- "Quotation", Ramat-Gan-Museum.                                                 
1988, March - La Cite des Arts, Paris/ART PROJECTS, 86, 87.                        
1988, April -  3 Installations, Franklin Furnace, NYC.
1988, Sept. -   Frauen Film Festival, Zurich,/W.H.S., Films, 81-86.
1988 - "Children paintings for Peace", Dallas conf. For Peace.
1992 - "Mail Museum"/ per post.... (Jan. org. by M.S.).
1992 - "Mail Art Congress" - org. by Crackerjack Kid (March).
1992- Seminar in Vienna; Conf. on Human Rights (NGO's)
           "Non-Profits -Artists'-Rights".
1992 - "Mail Art show" & workshop in Vendee (with youth & 70 Mail - Artists).
1993-  "ART STRIKE".
1993 -Presentation of slides/ at N. Spero & L. Golob, loft NYC/ with students.
1994 - "Eco-Space" in Vendee - "Liberation" - France (with 5 more artists).
1994 - Mail-Art-Book show - in St. Phil. d/P/Char.
1994 - "Mail Art Show"- Schemes & Plans = Belgium -org. by Guy Bleus.
1994- "Art Strike Action" & Inst., Haifa Museum.
1995-2000 - Shows  are   incorporated   in  the  ECO/COM/SYSTEMS,   as  activated                        Computer  Systems.Communication Art"   around  the world  shows;                          Starting  since mid  seventies.
1998   -  Haifa Museum, lecture
               ( Represented by Printed Matter  Inc.,   NY,;   Franklin Furnace,   NY, Collection                 of the Seventies  Art Projects  -  Centre Pompidou,   Paris)

1990, A Multimedia Installation Work, A Journey to Western Culture, Tel Aviv, Studio 11
1992 , Trip/Trial/Triptych, Multimedia Inst. Art Work, Cologne, DE
Continuous shows  of MIW as described on website
From 1992 till 2013 working on ECO/COM/SYS in France and Germany
2011,  Re/Act Feminism,  A Traveling  Show, Vitoria Cultural Center, Spain
2013, The Golden Girl, Ins., at MSAMUSEUM, Haifa
2014 the 40/40 show

Films by MS

30 DVDs, represent Documentations of Art Projects as well as Art films by MS

TV Programs

German and Swiss TV Teams have documented live the Swiss Rainbow Project
Showed on both TV programs, 1985
Ashdoda Harbor Project was shown with interview of MS, By  Y. Agmon, 1978,
Israel Broadcast News.
Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Utopia show, An interview with MS, German TV, 1985
2011-2013 "React Feminism," Travelling Show/TV program, Spain-Germany

MIRIAM SHARON / Multi - Media Artist, Art Projects, Installations and Art Theoretician:

About the artist: Ms. M. Sharon is a pioneer multi-media artist,
who has developed a personal interactive art language, since early seventies & is known for he "Art Projects," incorporating the art work, within always various working spaces, together wit) the participation of its working people. She accomplished more than 30 various such "Art Projects," in Israel, England, Switzerland, U.S.A., France and other places. She has since been working on the development of the notion - time, space & movement within the framework of painting, film & photography, developing the fourth dimension: that is the meeting point of all disciplines together.

Beginning 73 - she started to realize the "Art Projects" series; Meditative Space Desert Projects; Utopian projects for peace. They are presented with the works themselves & photo-documentations of projects with video & film clips.

From 81 - 85 - The "Art Projects" are directly involved with peace issues. The "white House Saga" is an installation that incorporates the documentation of the "Art Projects" as well as a historical analysis of Europe prior to 2 WW which led to The Personal Loss. A film/Photo/Objects/Text Inst.

From 86 - "Paintings in Actions" series; Video/Photo documentation.

87-97 - "Multi-Installations: 9 Instl. Which combine photography, language; poetry, documentary texts, ravel doc; paintings, objects, sculptures; - an assemblage: "The Third dimensional moving image = "The Fourth Cinema," the"HomeMade-Computer-Movie"; Photo-Video presentation.

Since beg. 91 / renovating an ancient farm in Vendee/ living among farmers in France, This house & space incorporates the essence of my belief in art; of living & working together; foundation of Echo Space, the Nomad House/ Refugee house; "Woman-Bauhaus"; the confination of Culture & Agriculture.

In history of art no movements have been led by women artists.
The seventies saw women artists as avant-garde leaders in art. New terminologie's in art & life took place, thus changing the perceptions of art from a dominani male heroic/superstar" culture into an art. Transforming the subordinade "home world" into egalitarian counterparts.
Lives In the USA (as alien of extraordinary ability) & in Vendee