Conclusion Data: 1 ) Movie-making has evolved from portraying real-life into a ' make-belief mass-product' industry, thus provoking the ills of society with no remedy; i.e women who were portrayed as ideal sex - icons in Hollywood's male style, ended their lives tragically .
2 ) For centuries the female, besides being the desired object, the muse, was the invisible discredited power behind all active males; now for the first time conscientious women artists have broken that silence. For that reason, they were banned out of art establishment. My " exile journey " became Eco / Com / Sys. No . 1 .
3 ) Our alternative art language is not market oriented, but is a science commited to environment & society with personal connotations as well as criticism; a journey to freedom; intellectually & personally.
4 ) A tree is splendid when blooming like a woman, while its fruit takes a full cycle to blossom. A peasant's patience for his harvest is similar to the artist's, whose work is the fruit of outstanding commitment , experience & work . . .
5 ) The pursuit after the instant - made product, as well as after the shock - slick effect, created a " Macdonald Syndrom " in the arts; were an out-of-control chain from the market-oriented art product, to the entertainment business was established, originating in the avant-garde alternative art scene, which was exploited, on the first place.
6 ) This has made art, a territory for opportunists to break freely into; with no criteria for criticism except for market-oriented purposes, while the science-oriented alternative art has been put to a death sentence; " seeing but not being seen ! . . . "
7 ) Demontrative art ( a popular item ) can be seen as propaganda art;
8 ) Narrative art on the other hand can be associative only . . . Conceptual art was the first non-materialist & non-sexist art . It opened a path to feminist aesthetics; " The personal is political." Whereas conceptual art became conformity; feminist non-materialistic art could endure time & become a new art language .