ECO / COM / SYS. NR . 2 - " ISIS / ALEF / DEMETER " 92 - 93

1 ) Any art show, or documentation that carries " characteristics." ( in style, issues, etc.) portrayed prior to that publication/show, by a Non-Profit-Woman-Artist should have this published in their show / publication .
2 ) Successful directors/critics are such, because they portray things that happened in situ, by truly committed artists. But if contrary to that fact, they ignore these artists, but use their topics - this is fraud .
3 ) Throughout Art History " MUSE & MUSEUM " went hand in hand . The one invisible, the other is called " Culture." In feminist times MUSE should be CULTURE & SPEAK OUT for herself . Continuous invisibility, should be considered fraud .
4 ) A married couple, of similar fields should not be working under same roof ( of public institutions, i.e, museums ).
5 ) Curators/Directors of museums, or art shows, cannot exhibit their wives, girl-friends in shows under their direction, nor in shows running in " their museums.."
6 ) A " school " run by an artist, can be shown under his/her organization. If the " school " becomes an art movement, the teacher should be recognized as " Maestro " and as such be shown in other institutions . A pupil of such a school cannot show independently, without acknowledging their Maestro,especially when she is a woman teacher and he is a male pupil; she a non-profit-woman-artist and he a " profit-male-artist." A relastionship which might result in fraud if not acknowledged .
7 ) Successful artists, who are known as feminists, or as political artists, should acknowledge other "discriminated " artists ( for political, race and gender reasons ) and speak our for their rights.But, if, once famous, they join the " politics " of the ART-LORDS, they should be No MORE considered committed artists.
8 ) Any artist representing minorities' rights, but is not from that same ethnic group, should be working together with representatives of that group. But if an artist has been a first spokesperson for specific issues , " indigenous groups," should on their turn acknowledge this fact, even if that artist represents the " oppressive side," but has taken an oppositional stand-point.
9 ) University teachers ( professors ) should not speak out, on and for living artists, without their actual participation, nor travel on account of the university, representing a living artist and his/her issues, without the acknowledgment of that artist .
10 ) In Western Art History, subject matters were taken from the Bible, Jewish subject matters, or Black culture, etc., without hearing out " their " voices. The cultural Decolonization, means letting the SUBJECT MATTERS speak out. Decolonization means, speaking out from the colonized context matters. " Multiculturalism " should not be considered an " intemal " U.S. issue, but a global issue .