ECO / COM / SYS . Nr . 6 / 96 – 97

' LE SALON DES REFUSEES ' / Conclusion – Data ;

1. 1 ) Women’s movement have separated itself from patriarchal law, but has not created an alternative one, in which mother/daughter relationship can be judged.
2 ) That makes the already existing herstory blind, an empty barrel, that transforms any newcomer into a so-called inventor, dismissing the credit from the real mothers. ( A typical patriarchal attitude )
3 ) Women should not imitate male religious habits, when relating to male roles, but should have their own rituals, with suitable ornaments, as it was created by pioneer women artists. Midwives should attend women giving birth, while a deceased woman should be attended, first of all by women mourners.
4 ) Women should feel free to choose their best framework for living & should be judged, when necessary, by feminist law. ( In matters such as child abuse, conflicts among partners, etc., ) Men should also stand up to feminist rule in family matters .
5 ) Young women artists should seek their inspiration out of their own sources & should not imitate other women artists*. If they copy someone–else’s style, they should not forget to credit that artist. Women should not compete with each other as "sex symbols," but should function according to their experience in different fields. Thus younger women, instead of competing with more experienced women will have to acknowledge their authority .
6 ) Women should start looking within their own herstory & accept professional diversities, as well, as hierarchies among women artists, according to their accumulative experiences.
7 ) Le Salon des Refusees, was an alternative saloon, for excluded avant–garde artists, last century, in France, where only academic fashionable art was the equivalent for good taste. Women artists, were excluded from either Saloons, a habit carried out today, in which the mothers of avant–garde Women Art are the actual Refusees !
8) In contemporary history, Shoa, the equivalent word to exclusion, expatriation & genocyde, has a particular meaning with relation to women, who, besides having been driven away from 2000 villages & communities in Europe ( their homes ) were misused, enslaved & executed for mere religious & ethnic background .
9 ) Eco / Com / Sys. 6, stands for the spirit of the disappeared women on their homes & a tribute to all excluded, miscomprehended artists & women, in particular.

* See Nr. 5 women artists are never given credit for their work, thus their authority & mastership is never acknowledged .


Le salon des Refuses & Documenta x ; 97

The greatest inventors in art, have been outcasts; unpopular, misunderstood & their art banned from fashionable art saloons; Carravagio, Van Gogh, Cezsanne, Manet, Courbet etc., not to mention the women artists banned altogether. This year’s Documenta, even though it stood for our norms in its concept, contradicted itself in its representation; under the moto of globalization all fields were put together under one roof ; architecture, films, bookstores & philosophers, while artists were used as mere illustrators to other’s ideas. The result was a poor visual presentation of objects mixed together, art & functional works; while feminism was present in politics, the artists were missing, Third World artists were present, but did not move away from their exotic stereotype. Film–Makers were commissioned & set up in specially designed space for Dx ( made by Dx people ). As an answer, we are opening the doors of LES REFUSES,* which, under one umbrella incorporates all issues, not as an illustration to an idea, but as theory & practice put together, from the perspective of arts. M.S. '97 * Our Multimedia Installation