ECO / COM / SYS .Nr . 7 / 97 – 99

' FOOD FOR THOUGHT ' / Resolution – Data ;

1 ) The world on its explorations, inventions & discoveries has always been men’s, while women kept their homes going, raised their children & waited lawfully for them to return. The world belonged to men, as long as women carried on their tasks back home. Home & Food has never been credited as an issue, while men’s discoveries became history .
2 ) When a woman reached out to the world, she encountered a hostile men’s world & became subject to abuse, with no home waiting for her to come back to, nor children & husband welcoming her.
3 ) The aim of the farm in Vendee, was to be like all other remaining small local farms, self–maintained on its fruit–trees & potage; a living sculpture, which stands for all deserted & discredited homes; the peasant, like the woman being the caretaker of societies' & domestic needs.
4 ) In that context, my own farm & garden became a functional space & a symbol for womanhood on their home & nourishment; a project where house was to become home & world altogether; home, a: "functional living sculpture," or "poor-house," to be self-maintaining & serve all daily needs & world, to be communicated to, via the ecological system installed in the attic/living tent-sculpture. ( Home-made satellites )
5 ) This farm-project stands as a re-written hersotry to all people & women in particuler, who had to abandon their homes, forever, during 2nd WW, as well, as to "Birth Veteran" Paula, who, while hiding in a similar house on june 44, gave birth to a Baby, on D-Day, who became the symbol of women's liberation & freedom. ( contrary to such a house, in which an over was installed for other purposes !! )

The industrial revolution has transformed the world from a rural, personal culture, into a mass-production one. The personal became "make-belief," image-oriented, of which the movie industry is its typical impersonator with images tailored for an impersonal, unknown public. Tribal life is wiped out, autonomous cultures in Europe, such as the Jewish, or Gipsy lives were destroyed by Nazism & rural life by Stalinism. Propaganda art replaced the revolutionary oriented-artist on his "Constructivist movement" ( a utopia for a socially oriented art ).

The downfall of Nazi Germany was followed by the rise of a post-industrial worlds' vision on the American hemisphere. The downfall of Communism made the world's globalization a fact with one facet of identity; in which popular culture became its symbol, with all its entertainment icons. The last resort of self-expression & local culture, has given way, to "entertainment business" made for global identity with its leisure-time syndrome. The counter-culture has been replaced by a star-system one, that has taken over the autonomous culture of self-expression. An anonymous public in a dark auditorium, represents the industrial norm of identification in leisure-times, as factories stand for the faceless workers during working time . NY, the post-industrial city , par excellence , has become the super-models' & entertainment-buisnesses' gold mine, all advertised on huge littering bill-boards, in a typical Time- Squares .

Resolution - Data ( for change )

In 1991 I moved (exiled) to a village in France. Living on land was transformed into a living Sculpture. The significance of returning to a peasant's way of life in a typical farm meant reviving a counter-culture as a way of life; rejecting materialism as the one & unique global entity. Producting "Food, not fast-food," building in a self-built
"grenier-atelier" - a hand-made, computer-system as a multi-media sculpture for communication ( Computers being the last nail in the coffin of an anonymous mass-culture ) in a 4th D space, where the spectator is no more passive but directly active/ated in the 3rd D space, made of incorporated multi-media art works. Identities, day-to-day life, politics & research are transformed into a radical confrontation of counter-culture; challenging the fast-food & entertainment business industry, thus rehabilitating the personal art of the future, where every culture on planet-earth will regain its self-expression .

Identity in a Global Post - Industrial Era

Each autonomous culture will regain its fundamental identity, by finding the source of their lost culture, or disappearing one. Even though a political system gave way to another one in communist countries, identities can be reestablished in lost "tribal" cultures. Redefining the self with relation to ones roots & experience within a personal & global entity will be the basis of counter-culture encounter confronting the norms of to-days' entertainment business. In the early seventies, when I was leaving a typical global style of paintings for the quest of my personal roots, I, subconsciously recreated a disappeared cultural pattern, typical to my given environment & historical background. An aggressive, self-destructive Jackson Pollock, or Van Gogh styles, gave way to a meditative style.

The specific Art Projects, became the specific cultural prototype for a universal variety of identities. The ECS created within a living sculpture, stands as a personal space within the impersonal internet era, in which the computer is being used as a mean & not as an end in itself. The ECS of the nineties recycled Western art history, as a liberated art form made by its colonized subjects i.e. from the Bible, Nature & Women, thus , restablishing their silenced voices. M.S. (May , 2000 ) .