ECO / COM / SYS. Nr . 8 - 99 - 2000

' EXPULSION FROM PARADISE' / Conclusion - Data ;

1 ) Man has chosen a revengeful God made in his image, in order to punish those who won't obey him; Eve, was thus wrongfully described as the reason for losing paradise, together with Adam, whom she has tempted (!) Being banned from paradise meant for her to be under house arrest forever . . .
2 ) This is how women & nature, through fear & oppression became subordinate to man's needs & desires; being his alien as long as they serve his interest, but if they choose an idependent path, expressing their own opinions & desires, they are brutally expelled from that paradise, created by him & for him with their help through the exploitation of nature & animal life.
3 ) Liberated women are thus expelled from the current making of history & art history, as its art establishment is under male control; In order to change the existing order, the art establishment has to democratize its system & share its space under a new terminology of organization, so that independent, non-profit women artists will be able to show autonomously & thus have the opportunity to be viewed & appreciated by the audience .
4 ) The Son of God was made as a subtle image to a revengeful God, being a substitue to the victim, an image of an eternally tortued son, in order to raise the pity of women & distract them from their own doomed oppressed reality.
5 ) ECO / COM / SYS. 8, stands for reestablishing the image of Eve as a naturalist, an investigator in the quest of life, a discoverer of human capacities & a messenger to all people, depicting their existential change.

"The New Art & Life / Artists' Space" - Conclusion ;

The E/C/S series started in 1990, but the System was created in 87 for the first time in my Alternative Space in Tel-Aviv, an art that has been banned from the local art establishment & made me exile to France. France being the country that gave birth to contemporary art, whose artists had lived mainly in the countryside. I wanted to revive that myth of the artist living in the country, settling in a 17th c. farm in the French countryside, living as a land artist on land transforming a grange into an atelier & creating the ECS series. My Earth Works of the 70's became now my existential daily living & the ECS, a humanized, ecological computer, functioning as a learning device, a healer in a computerized age; an age where messages are passed on as fast images, flashed & manipulated around the globe. That ritual should be considered as in traditional societies, which consider each element physically & intellectually. The industrial revolution, which is now in its computer-globalization age has been challenged with an existentialist, human-made computer, acting as a shaman of the new alternative era; for human & environmental health; health-food of the mind, using a language of the body & mind on its slow & elaborate process. This eco-computer, which deals with the 4th dimension in space & interacts between moving images & static ones (recycling art history, together with photos & video-films ) demands the artist physically, contrary to shere paintings, thus changing the relationship between artist & space.

A living space, as a working space will have to be provided in the "museum of the future," which will be no more a museum . . . but a living space for the artist together with an appropriate space for the new work, becoming the "living museum" of the future. That new space will have to be reinvented; a space between theatre, movie-theatre; a showroom in which the public will embrace the space all around the installed work, with its living space for the conducting, performing non-profit artist. That new space will have to be adapted for the ECS, as an artist's friendly space, in a hostile world, where entertainment, commercials, pop & fashion took the lead over authentic non-commercial art . M.S. ( Oct. 2000 ) .

The Conclusion - Data ;

Reveal the last stage of the various stages of a learning process . The first, being the accumulative process of research, free expression, painting, photographing & the documentation of social life. The secound stage is the realization of the work, within a specific framework (a specific item of interest); with figurative perspectives.

The third stage involves the assembling of all the ingredients within a specific space, as "food for thought" of the ecological computer. The fourth stage involves the activation of the whole system (which enlightens the metaphorical Resolution-Data & the Eco/Com/Sys. into being.

                                                                          M.S. (Oct . 2000 )

Further publications of the nineties; "Art Strike," "Mail Museum," "Non-Profit Artists' Rights," as well as postcards, video tapes etc.

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